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Indigenous West African meals

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We offer West African inspired street food with pickup and delivery options only.

Our aim is to bring you closer to the West African culture and hospitality through our carefully selected ingredients.We pay attention to quality and our meals are made with love. 

Browse through our menu and place your order below.

Our Story

Afropot Berlin is a West African inspired street-food kitchen with original homemade Ghanaian taste right here in Kreuzberg Berlin.

We serve authentic staple dishes made of rice, corn meal, black eye peas and passionately infused with fresh herbs and spices for a flavorful experience.

Most of our meals are available in vegan options.

We are versatile and pay attention to our client’s special dietary requests.

We aim to bring a touch of home to our west African community and introduce the Ghanaian food culture to Berlin at large.

Afropot Berlin - Friedrice 2


Afropot Berlin - Waakye


Rice cooked in black eye peas with homemade tomato sauce and black
chilli sauce, greens, vermicelli and hard-boiled egg (optional) served with protein options: beef or chicken or fish and also available in vegetarian and vegan options.

Afropot menu - Red red wb


Black eye peas in vegan tomato sauce served with fried ripe plantain

Afropot menu - riceballs and peanut - omotuo wb

Omo Tuo

Rice balls with peanut butter soup served with beef, chicken or fish

Afropot Berlin - Kenkey


Maize dumplings with freshly ground red hot pepper, black chilli sauce and homemade green pepper sauce served with tilapia or red snapper

Afropot Berlin - Jollof


Rice cooked in a pepper and spice flavored tomato sauce with a side salad or vegetable stir fry served with grilled or fried beef, chicken, tilapia, red snapper optional. Also available in vegan option.

Afropot Berlin - Friedrice

Fried rice / Vegetable rice

Rice tossed in a wok vegetable and egg mix with a side of salad or vegetable stir fry served with chicken or tilapia or red snapper fish

Opening Hours

Wednesday – 11 am to 4 pm

Thursday – 11 am to 4 pm

Saturday –  11 am to 4 pm

Sunday – 11 am to 4 pm

Open all holidays unless otherwise communicated.

For further enquiries